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Queensway Trading Company was incorporated and established in Bay Area, California.

As an importer of fine, delicate food and cooking products, Queensway Trading Company directly imports a wide variety of food

service and retail products from many Asian countries. Some of which include China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. The

company is primarily engaged in the worldwide sourcing, transportation and marketing of packaged foods. Queensway Trading

Company’s packaged foods group is classified into two segments, packaged foods and food ingredients. The packaged

foods segment includes shelf-stable consumer products, which are processed and packaged for sales to retail, deli and

foodservice customers. The food ingredients include specialty ingredients, milled ingredients and basic ingredients for

foodservice customers.  

In addition to our regular stock of items that we import, Queensway Trading Company is constantly searching for different types

of food products to import and to market private label for companies. Our customer base and distribution markets encompass

the entire United States including Hawaii. Queensway Trading Company can arrange direct shipments from the country of

origin to our client's warehouse or we can consolidate freight in our Bay Area, California warehouse. Please feel free to call

our company for any quotes or any additional information you may need.

In addition our company is capable of co-packing all types of food ingredients including powder products through form fill

packing into bags or into canisters with fillers and sealers. Our company can design, label and package to your

specifications. We can work with your company on product development and recipe conversion.

Our company has earned a glowing reputation for its outstanding products and superior service. We are confident that our

quality and experience will greatly benefit your company and your client's needs. 

Queensway Trading Company 

P.O. Box 369, Millbrae CA 94030
Tel: 415-988-2258
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Queensway Trading Company

P.O. Box 369, Millbrae CA 94030
Tel: 415-988-2258