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QFCO, Inc., dba Queensway Foods Company, Inc., has been in the food business for over twenty years.  QFCO was incorporated and established in San Francisco, California in 1979.


As an imported of fine, delicate food and cooking products, QFCO directly imports a wide variety of food service and retail products from many Asian countries.  Some of which include China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.  QFCO is the exclusive sole distributor of “Tang Hoi Kee” Preserved Fruits, “Farmer Brand” Peanuts, and “White Rabbit” Creamy Candy for the United States. 


Recently in 2001, QFCO began importing a new line of products from Spain called the “San Gallio Brand” cooking oils which include varieties of olive oils, extra virgin olive oils and grape seed oils.  We are especially proud to be the first importer to bring grape seed oil (made from seeds of grapes found in pomace) to the United States.  Grape seed oil has been used as cooking oil in European kitchens and households for many centuries.  Although grape seed oil is not yet well known in the United States, its health benefits, versatility and taste are sure to make this a very popular item.


In addition to our regular stock of items that we import, QFCO is constantly searching for different types of food products to import and to market private labels for companies.  Our customer base and distribution markets encompass the entire United States including Hawaii.  QFCO can arrange direct shipments from the country of origin to our client’s warehouse or we can consolidate freight in our  South San Francisco warehouse.  Please feel free to call QFCO for any quotes or any additional information.


QFCO has earned a glowing reputation for its outstanding products and superior service.  We are confident that our quality and experience will greatly benefit your company and your client’s needs.

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